Unlocking Seamless Success: Harnessing the Power of SSO

July 13, 2023

When it comes to the workplace, efficiency is important. Tirelessly scrolling through apps and having to remember many different passwords and usernames can be a real drain on time. That’s why having single sign-on options where you can is important.


In this guide, we’ll discuss what SSO is, the benefits of it, and how you can use it in your business to save time and enhance your overall security.


What is SSO?


Single sign-on (SSO) refers to the ability for employees to log in just one time with a unique set of credentials to get access to their company websites, apps, and other data. SSO has become increasingly common and useful amongst companies and their employees and customers.


You may have already known what SSO is, but do you already know why it is so important to many companies all over the world? In this blog, we will discuss the importance of SSO integration, and how it can solve some of today’s businesses biggest problems.


Why is SSO Important?


There are numerous reasons why business SSO is important. Many single sign on solutions provide enhanced security and time saving features. In the following sections, we’ll break down the benefit of SSO and why you should be using it in your business.




The reality is that every time your employees use their username and password to log in, they provide an opportunity for hackers to attack. By using a single sign-in option, you are reducing the number of potential attacks because your employees are only using one set of credentials to log in.


As an employer, you can rest assured knowing that your confidential documents will remain sealed with SSO integration.


SSO also centralizes user management by keeping user credentials in the hands of administrators. Access to user accounts can be granted or revoked to ensure that users only have the information they need.


SSO provides centralized logging and auditing, making it easier to track user activities across different applications. This simplifies the detection of suspicious or unauthorized behavior.


All in all, you can see that single sign on based authentication is the preferred solution for security concerns.


Time Savings & Convenience


We all know it can be difficult to remember dozens of login credentials. Then, if you forget your username or password, you have to go through the process of resetting it. The average employee spends 10 hours per year entering/resetting passwords!


For new employees or users, the onboarding process is expedited. They can quickly gain access to all necessary applications with a single authentication, reducing the time spent setting up individual accounts.


The same applies for offboarding. When an employee no longer requires access, you can deprovision them across all applications with a single step. Disabling a single account in the SSO system ensures immediate removal of access to all linked applications.


All of which takes away time from other important things. By having an SSO strategy in place, your employees will be able to access all company resources from the log-in portal which will have long lasting time saving benefits.


Reduced IT stress


It is recommended that passwords are changed every month – and with this process there can be complications. Oftentimes complications in this area require the IT department. If every employee has dozens of passwords, and there are hundreds of employees at an organization, this can put a lot of pressure and stress on the IT team.


It is estimated that up to 50% of IT help desk calls are for password resets. Since users have less passwords to remember, this will lead to fewer instances of forgotten passwords which will save your IT department time. Having SSO as an option for log-ins reduces the workload on your IT team so that they can focus on other important matters.

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How STRIVE Can Help

We use passwords for nearly everything, which is why SSO is the best thing you can do for your organization. With STRIVE, we take care of the hard work by integrating everything into our platform.


STRIVE is here to help and provide you with all the solutions you need for single sign-on employee SSO. No one has to waste time setting up and searching for passwords and your IT department doesn’t have to spend time on unnecessary tickets. It’s the best solution for all!


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