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Your Free Reward Platform




Acknowledge peers for a job well done by sending them stars! Employees can check their achievements to see the points they’ve earned.



Turn points into prizes by heading over to the redeem section at no cost! Choose from hundreds of options including gift cards, items, & more!



Acknowledge and appreciate your team members by recognizing their outstanding contributions and accomplishments!

Why Strive Rewards?

At Strive, we’re firm believers that fostering a culture of employee recognition is crucial for a happy and motivated team! Introducing our new, free-to-use rewards program, Strive Rewards, designed for you and your team to leverage. 


Strive Rewards offers user-friendly features, including customizable templates for recognizing achievements and a points system that allows you to set your own star-to-dollar conversion, making it uniquely tailored to your preferences. With funding & budget determined by what’s best for you, it’s the ideal solution for celebrating significant victories or giving a well-deserved shoutout for those smaller wins.

Why Is Recognition Important?

Enhance Employee Morale & Collaboration

More Efficient Employee Communication

Improve Overall Company Culture

Research from Gallup indicates that inadequate employee recognition is associated with a higher likelihood of job turnover, with employees being twice as likely to resign within a year if they feel undervalued. Additionally, studies by Bersin & Associates reveal a 31% reduction in voluntary turnover rates in companies where recognition is prioritized compared to those where it is not.

Organizations implementing sophisticated recognition practices are reported to be 12X more likely to achieve robust business outcomes, according to the same research. This emphasizes the tangible impact of effective recognition and rewards programs on employee satisfaction, retention, and overall business performance – which is why we created Strive Rewards!

How To Get Started:

Click here to sign-up for Strive Rewards and fill out your company details needed to create your account

Customize your rewards experience by first selecting “Enable Strive Rewards” and personalize the settings according to your preferences.

Determine your star-to-dollar conversion rate (e.g. 10 stars equal to 1 dollar) to establish the value of your rewards.

Move forward with the payment process to activate your rewards account and ensure seamless transactions.

You’re all set! Begin recognizing and rewarding employees.

Reimagine the employee experience.