TLH Case Study

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TLH reaches 36% telemedicine utilization with STRIVE within one year


As a brick and mortar company, TLH is constantly combatting increasing costs of healthcare. As the company switched to high deductible plans, TLH wanted to offer employees strategies to minimize out of pocket expenses.  Their broker – John Otto from the Leavitt Group – suggested $0 co-pay telemedicine as a way for employees to reduce costs and for TLH to reduce claims on their books.


The program has been a resounding success with over 36% utilization within one year. The chart below shows monthly visits since the inception of the program.


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About TLH

TLH is a franchisee of Rent-A-Center (NASDAQ: RCII).  TLH runs 33 stores, 32 in Texas and one in New Mexico. TLH provides new and used brand-named furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics from brands, such as Ashley Furniture, Sony, Toshiba, Whirlpool Corporation, Dell, and HP.[4] Customers can rent these items with no downpayment or long-term financial obligations. Rent-A-Center is a Fortune 1000 company.

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Savings in 8 months

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5 out of 5

Rating of Clinical Experience

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Launching STRIVE in 33 store locations


Given that TLH has multiple store locations, the success of the STRIVE program can really be attributed to Lou Ann Humphries, the Office Manager at TLH. She was tireless in her efforts to promote the program to all store locations. STRIVE’s marketing materials were distributed to all stores and in many cases was printed out and put up on notice boards. Lou Ann also made store managers acknowledge receipt of these materials.

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Looking Ahead


Given the utilization metrics that TLH has achieved, there is no question the program has helped TLH and its employees. As TLH looks at benefits programs for next year, STRIVE is one of the top items for discussion. The challenge is to increase utilization even further, which seems achievable given the program’s fast start and the tireless efforts of the TLH team.

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“The success of the program speaks for itself through the numbers. We will be talking about the STRIVE program at our renewal meeting”

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Lou Ann Humphries

Office Manager at TLH

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