23 Oct

Introducing Real Time Deductible
Tracking with STRIVE

At STRIVE, we are constantly innovating and evolving our products. We are excited to introduce our latest feature, real time deductible tracking. Now, you can check your real-time deductible and out of pocket plan balances right on the app so you know exactly how to plan accordingly.


 real time plan deductible tracking        new user interface


At the end of the year, you could be planning major medical procedures. You might be wondering how much of your deductible you have spent, or how much of your out of pocket limits you have exhausted.


With the STRIVE Plan Balances feature, you can now view your real-time balances all with a beautiful UI experience.


Over 400 carriers and TPAs are supported by this feature. Our team is so excited to share this new feature to you, offered under STRIVE Advanced.


We are also eager to share our cutting-edge new user interface. We are just weeks away from unveiling the app and presenting it to you. Stay tuned!


Email clientsuccess@strivebenefits.com for any questions.