We’re Here to Help

24 Mar We’re Here to Help

Given the uncertainty faced by our clients and employees at a difficult time like this, we here at STRIVE want to reiterate our support to everyone in our eco-system.

We have seen a dramatic increase in questions from employees around downloading/logging into STRIVE, using telemedicine, and finding providers. Since employees are working from home, they don’t have HR in the next cubicle to go to with concerns and their anxiety is palpable.

We are truly humbled that we can help at a time like this.

As a company, we have come together, myself included, to take turns manning our general helpdesk email throughout the day and night.

This is why I started STRIVE; to help employees get the help and answers they need in order to make better decisions. I am proud of the work our incredible team is doing and the progress we are making every day.

We sincerely hope that things will get better quickly.

Please continue to have your clients and employees reach out to us at clientsuccess@strivebenefits.com with any questions, comments or concerns and we will respond within 2 hours,

Thank you and stay safe.
Saravanan Chettiar