The One Experience

April 3, 2023

Introducing The One Experience. Personalized to each individual, our new and improved design allows each person to curate the employee experience they are looking for. The idea around employee experiences and the role of HR is changing. Over the past decade, Human Resources has begun to lean more into the “human” side of the equation as companies have begun to understand the benefits of creating a people-centric culture and improving the employee experience. As a result, employee experience is no longer a nice to have but a must.  


Companies that do not prioritize their employees and company culture are not just having a harder time finding new talent — they are losing employees, too. EX is no longer a buzzword but something employees have come to expect. With so much riding on the employee experience, employers must take on a more thoughtful, strategic approach to creating the experience they want their employees to have. At STRIVE, we focus on 3 key areas of EX and the impact it has: unity, growth, & wellbeing. 


Key EX Areas




We define unity as the ability of an employee to foster connection with both their colleagues and the company. What does this mean? Think of the overall culture you are providing to your employees. Do you have events outside of work where colleagues can get to know each other? Are you remote, in-office, or hybrid and how do you support your employees in those environments? Do you celebrate an employee for birthdays or work anniversaries? Employees are looking for a connection and a feeling of belonging. Strong unity leads to significant increases in employee retention & engagement. 




We define growth as the resources provided to continue development, both professionally and personally. Are you offering employees a plan for professional development or a way to further develop skills? How are you helping them advance their career and see your company as a place for them to grow? Not only is it important to support their professional growth, but how are you supporting their growth personally? Are you providing learning opportunities? Do you have a tuition reimbursement plan? Do you provide them with ways to volunteer and get involved in their community? We’ve found employee growth increases company goal achievement. 




We define wellbeing as resources to support an employee’s holistic wellbeing. Many companies support physical wellness through their benefits but forget the other areas. Our view of wellbeing is supporting the physical, emotional, financial, career, & social wellbeing of an individual. Do you provide mental health support? Are your employees able to have a good work-life balance? Do you provide resources to improve finances and make smart financial decisions? An employee needs to be supported in all these areas to thrive inside and outside work. By encouraging and supporting their wellbeing, you will also see an improvement in program utilization. 


Curate Your Company EX


Build Connection


How are you building connection in the workplace? In our solution, connect is your company community, a place for employees to communicate with their colleagues as well as see updates from the company. Think of it as a social platform, like LinkedIn, for your company.  Employees will receive push notifications for priority updates such as posts from the company or a mention from other users to ensure employees never miss anything important. They can react, comment, or send GIFs to give feedback/engage with company updates. Employees are also able to select from a list of pre-set topics and templates to post in their community and join the conversation. In connect, they also have the ability to recognize and reward their colleagues for a job well done. Each month the user has a set number of points for them to give out to their colleagues. It’s a great way to allow employees to show appreciation, build rapport, and earn rewards. 


Seek Evolution 


Encourage employees to participate in challenges & incentivize behavior change in our evolve section. Create challenges throughout the month such as a water challenge or step challenge for employees to complete & earn point. By incentivizing important initiatives & rewarding employees with points, it encourages them to participate & complete the actions you are looking for. Employees are then able to redeem those points from a list of great prizes. 


Drive Exploration 


Guide employees to areas of interest in our explore section. Provide employees with articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on topics they find interesting and want to learn more about. From financial wellness to tips on daily healthy habits, explore is a section employees can go to learn & grow. It also is a section to centralize access to the programs and information they need in one place. Providing employees with multiple point-solutions can lead to confusion and be overwhelming. By providing a quick and easy way to access what they are looking for, employees can find what they need when they need it. It helps employees simplify & enhance their experience. 


Reimagine the Employee Experience


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