Essential Benefits Tech: Web, Wallet, & Rewards

Strive provides all benefits information in one location for convenient & seamless access right at employees fingertips.

Benefits Awareness, Access, & Participation

Your all-in-one solution for benefits centralization, benefits portal, & more!

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Benefits Wallet

All your benefit information, contacts, & documents in one easy to access location for employees and their dependents. Anytime. Anywhere.

Web Portal

Access immediate answers for all benefits questions & needs. Unlimited document storage to centralize all important information

Company Comms

Send important benefit or company updates directly in the app to be accessed 24/7. Push notification capabilities & demographic-specific targeting.

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Wellness Challenges

Encourage employees to make healthy decisions by creating custom challenges promoting wellness initiatives to live healthier & happier lives.

Rewards Catalog

Employees can access a custom rewards catalog to redeem points earned from completing challenges. From retail items to custom swag, the options are endless for rewards.

Easy Implementation

Forget a long, complicated implementation process. Your client’s company app will be up & running in 30-days with only a few hours of their time.

A Comprehensive Solution

Access a dedicated team to help you win new & retain current business with our all-in-one benefits solution.

Custom Company App

Create a custom company app for your clients. Centralize all of their benefit and program information in one location for easy & convenient access by either web or app. Create stickiness by providing them with a solution completely custom to them. Their branding. Their lingo. Their information. Provide them with an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Web Portal

Extend the solution to a custom web portal replacing their current expensive CMS solution. Access immediate answers for all benefits questions & needs with unlimited document storage to centralize all important information. Store all documents, videos, links, & more in their custom portal. Linking in the app, employees are able to find exactly what they are needing when they need it. Saving time and frustration for all parties involved.

Implementation Process

Standard app created in 30-days. White label app created in 45-days.

Kick-off call to assess needs, finalize launch date, answer questions, & align on strategy

Within one hour of your time, all information is gathered to get your app built & ready for testing

Review app built by team and provide any feedback/changes that will need to be made

Approve app & discuss launch plan including strategy for how to communicate app to employees

Congrats! Marketing forms & welcome emails are delivered, and the app is live

Discuss roll-out of launch, set-up automated census, and ensure all running smoothly

Ready to Get Started?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I offer Strive?

Strive is your go-to solution for benefits navigation and engagement. By centralizing everything into one location, we help you win & retain business by showing improved benefit utilization and ROI to your clients. We help provide a “stickiness” to your client as once the solution is in their hands they won’t want to lose it.

Employees are added to a census file that then gets added to Strive’s system. Employees will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to download and access the app and set up their account.

To add dependents to the solution, the user needs to log in to their account and find the “Invite your family” tile. They can then add the name, email, & relation for their spouse and/or dependents. Those over 18 will receive their own invite to the app to the email provided with instructions on how to create their account.

Through a pre-set cadence, census files are received from the clients HRIS, payroll, or other system that hosts that information through an SFTP transfer. To keep up-to-date with terminations and new hires, only employees on the census have access to the solution.

Our sweet spot is groups between 250 – 5,000 lives. While industry agnostic, we do best with decentralized companies and those in construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

We simplify & streamline the Open Enrollment process by adding all communications, benefit enrollment information and links, & even scheduling portals directly in the solution. Employees only need to access their account to quickly & easily complete their Open Enrollment.

Our benefits wallet stores all provider information and ID cards in one location for employees to access. ID cards are digitally uploaded to be accessed and sent to any of their providers through email.